2-years ago an unexpected series of events would alter the course of my life… I lost my wife, my kids, my home and most of my belongings… I lost my mom… who was my biggest supporter… she would slip away in my arms.

Two hours later, I received an urgent call from my vet back in California instructing that if I ever wanted to see my dog alive again, I needed to hurry back to San Diego.

My dog passed away in my arms just 2-days later from the same health condition that took my mom.

These series of events both stole away a flame that had burned my whole life, while also igniting something new inside of me. They would ground me… yet they would grant me wings.

I had wanted so many things in life… freedom was always calling me. I wanted to travel. I wanted to have experiences.

But, my mom was sick for years… I needed to stick around to care for her. I had obligations to a wife who I felt didn’t love me… I had a pet who I loved but, I couldn’t really travel the world the way I had dreamed of… my life, my relationships, my belongings and all my many obligations prevented me from doing the things that I yearned for.

When I lost everything… I also gained freedom. This turning point would set me on a mission… and that mission would help me define to myself what freedom really is and why it’s always been so important to me.

But, today I am reflecting on my mission and why it matters.

I have always identified myself as a Freedom Seeker. That seemed to be my mission most of my life. Freedom was the thing that propelled my actions in life. I had always been on a path to freedom.

After losing everything, I decided I should do something more with my life… to start over fresh and see what a life filled with freedom could look like. I was excited at the possibilities.

When I landed in Bali that feeling had never been stronger. I knew my life was about to begin.

I decided to accept my situation for all it was… to surrender my past to the universe… embrace who I am right now and to start fresh with a new foundation, far away from home. Bali would become for me my new home and a special place where I would begin the next phase of my life’s journey.

I became very mindful of the experiences I had every day and considered how these experiences would often give me a feeling of freedom. I began to identify that feeling and could tell the difference between how freedom differed from say, general happiness… or joy.

I began to understand how to achieve more of that feeling, and to understand why it mattered so much to me.

I realized that freedom and happiness are not the same things, even though they do resemble one another.

I realized that financial freedom was not freedom at all… but, merely a doorway to freedom and acquiring enough money was the key to that door.

I realized that I had forgotten why I ever started pursuing financial freedom in the first place.

I realized that I wanted to see what kinds of freedom money could buy but I didn’t want that to be my crutch. More importantly, I wanted to share the lessons of freedom with others who may be working so hard to achieve what I was already experiencing.

So, I asked 1000’s of people…

“What drives you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? You don’t have to work so hard. You could be lazy like so many others in life and just let the time tick away… but, you seem so driven. You seem to care about something greater than yourself. What is it? What is it that makes you do what you do every day? And, to keep trying? WHY are you here doing this?”

Though each person gave varying answers, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that virtually every person gave the same root answer. And, that answer was: Freedom.

From the freedom to travel and live a more fun-filled life… to giving back to the world in ways that only financial freedom would allow… to opening doors for themselves and others… perhaps to take care of a loved one in need or to help their kids or their parents or a friend or family member have a better life… But, every answer described freedom.

I realized that one form of freedom is tied to money and the means to afford expensive things… like buying a plane ticket to anywhere or living in any home you desire or driving any car you desire.

But, another form of freedom could be described as a feeling. And, that feeling is amazing. I recognized that the freedom feeling can be accomplished through many simple things in life. Financial freedom is amazing. But, other things would trigger the sense of freedom, too and they’re often times much easier to achieve than making a million dollars, for example.

Things like exploring a new place or cruising through the countryside on a motorcycle, while taking in the fresh morning air.

Or, your toes in the cool sand while strolling along a white sand beach…

Or, perhaps holding hands with an amazing person and feeling that they love you fully or feeling love yourself.

Or, realizing in the moment that you have nowhere else to be, no one or nothing saying, “hurry forward” and nothing saying, ” come back!”

Or, realizing that in the moment, the past doesn’t matter and the future is irrelevant. Simply existing in the moment and appreciating that moment for being special and amazing… this could give such an amazing feeling of freedom.

Yes, there were so many things that would spark that feeling of freedom… and many of those things were simply ignited by making a choice to step outside of my comfort zone. And, many times simply by making a choice to go outside today instead of staying cooped up inside would lead to more of these freedom filled experiences because I was always on a mission to discover more.

I realized that anyone could achieve these bite-sized chunks of freedom at any time by merely choosing to do something invigorating, stimulating, exciting, inspiring or new.

This was all interesting but, it was what I discovered next that really changed everything.

I realized that helping others achieve freedom even greater amplified my own sense of personal freedom beyond what money or any simple day-to-day, freedom-filled experiences could provide me.

I began thinking more about how I could use my energy to exponentially increase my own sense of freedom by giving freedom to more and more people.

My day-to-day mission was to help ordinary people achieve financial freedom. And the program was having amazing results.

Soon I realized there was only so much I could do myself. I needed help.

So, I asked for it. I created a program called Mentor Me which was basically a 1-on-1 mentoring and business coaching program for my many students who wanted to fast-track their success.

What I needed were some mentors to help out. What I really wanted to do was empower others to empower others to empower others!

And, that’s effectively I think what happened next…

As soon as one of my students began consistently earning $1000/day or more, I would interview or chat with them. I discovered that some of those people shared my own vision and wanted to give back and help others, too!
By empowering these amazing people, and opening up their eyes to a greater mission, something very special was happening. We were helping so many more people achieve financial freedom together than I ever could have done alone!

I helped them become financially free… and, using my own system, sharing in my own belief system, and extending my vision… these amazing mentors were a force to be reckoned with.

At one point all 10 of the top 10 super affiliates on the largest affiliate online network in the world were our students. It was quite astonishing.

And, the stories that were generated from our students helped me realize that what we were doing mattered… what we were doing was changing lives. Not just for individuals but for their families and the people around them in their communities and within many organizations.

I think I didn’t realize it at the time but, I was creating a small movement. And, now more than ever, I believe this movement has the power to carry on without me. It gives me hope that I could create a legacy. And, to me that matters. I know I won’t be around forever so I want my time here to have mattered.

This is mostly what I care about today… at this specific point along my journey.

When I arrived in Bali two years ago, my mission started. I began to reflect deeply on what Freedom meant to me. I thought about so many levels of Freedom in my fundamental everyday life. I began thinking deeply about more abstract ways we experience freedom… setting out to experience Freedom on every level… deeply, so as to better understand this force that has been driving me (and so many others) all our lives.

This new beginning would bring me 10,000 miles from home and plant me in an amazing new place called Bali, Indonesia where I sit now as I write this…

It would lead me to help countless students to achieve their own financial freedom and set them on their own path…

And, it would unite many of us on a shared mission to change the lives of even more hungry Ultimate Freedom warriors who are just getting started.

My journey has just begun and I’m so excited to be where I am today, so grateful and blessed to be in a position to help others… because its a reminder that what I’m doing matters.

Here’s to life and experiencing it fully and to helping others do it beside you! Anything you can do yourself, you can inspire others to do as well… and you can only matter as much as you give back to others. So do amazing things in this life! But, be sure not to forget to use your stories to inspire and use your knowledge to fuel positive change in others.

You can make a difference even if you don’t realize it yet.

Gerry Cramer

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  • Great insight and to be honest it sounds very familiar. Probably in more ways than I care to admit. I am working to create a great life and to me (at the age of 47) that means freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want for as long as I want. It is definitely more about experiences than stuff and wanting to create experiences for family and friends. I am grateful for finding the Rise system and although it is taking me much longer to be successful than I had hoped I am not giving up and know I am close. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you in Vegas.

  • Thanks for sharing your unbelievable path! you hit the nail in the head by saying “Once I lost everything…I also gained freedom!” Everything starts with us we are responsible for every result we get! Also thanks for the great work that you and Rob are doing.

  • I understand your not taking new clients but please put me on a list for the next opportunity to learn affiliate marketing.

  • Very inspiring, Gerry. Thank you! My search for freedom has led me to your course, so I can ultimately do the things that matter to me as well as lift up others.
    I wasn’t able to post this on FB, but I want to wish you a speedy and full recovery from your illness.
    Wishing you the best!
    Jeanne Kouhestani

  • Thank you Gerry. I’m grateful for what you are doing. I am praying for your health.

    Thanks for developing Profit Engine!

  • You know … I really like you and your spirit, along with your apparent kindness … but this obsession with what you call “freedom” is concerning to me, but it certainly is your life. “Freedom” seems to be, in your definition, as the old saying goes: having nothing (of true value-not meaning $$) to lose…. meaning lack of committed deep relationships. You seem like such a nice guy, I’m a bit shocked at this obsession with your definition of freedom. In all truth, it smacks of intense pain, which does often lead us to avoid deep relationships (which do end) because we don’t think we can handle any more pain. So you cloak yourself in a shield… “freedom.”

    The very good new is that, yes, you do help others … that is the true value in life.

    Thank you. Best to you always.

    • Hi @Bj –

      I want to repeat what you said here: “Freedom” seems to be, in your definition, as the old saying goes: having nothing (of true value-not meaning $$) to lose…. meaning lack of committed deep relationships. […] I’m a bit shocked at this obsession with your definition of freedom.”

      In reply, my definition of Freedom is not having no committed deep relationships to lose… that definition came from somewhere inside you or it was you interpretation but it doesn’t describe how I feel at all… so, I just want to be clear about that.

      Personally, I don’t fear deep relationships because of loss. My loss of my mom or my dog, my marriage… etc… that did not weaken me and make me now scared to commit or have deep relationships. I have a healthy understanding of love and relationships. And, I love deep connection and serious relationships and true friendships. I crave it like most of us humans do…

      I also wouldn’t say Freedom is an obsession of mine. It’s more of a living-in-the-moment realization that this is what I have to say, right now. This is my purpose, right now. This is the message I have for people, right now. I am being present and aware.

      It’s the same reason why musicians write sad songs just after a break-up or happy songs when they’re happy… they don’t wait for 2-years and then look back and write a song about some memory… the best music is expressed through emotion, right now.

      I would rather say at this point in my life (after achieving financial freedom, after going through a divorce, losing my sick mom and sick dog…) I find it the perfect time to explore something that has always been my driving force in life… Freedom.

      Everyone is driven by purpose, whether they realize it or not… in time you will stumble on your life’s purpose or the thing that most compels you in life.

      For some, it may be to find “happiness”. For others, it may be to explore and experience as much in life as possible.

      Some may simply want to have a deep understanding of all things. Others want to experience true love.

      You’ll hear others say life is about becoming your greatest version of self. Others will say it’s to evolve spiritually.

      For others it’s about leaving a legacy and leaving a mark, having done something important with your life that “matters” so your life meant something.

      Others will say it’s about self-actualization, reaching our true potential and shaping the world in the way we see that it “should” be — to leave the world better than how we found it.

      I think all of those things are partly what drives me… I’m not obsessed with one view.

      However, I think that I have something important to share… a view that can bring value to a many, right now, at this point in my life, today! And, that message is that ultimate freedom IS possible for ANYONE and it’s easier to achieve than most people think.

      I think I have a blueprint to financial freedom and I want to share it, now!

      I think that I understand the things that prevent 99% of people achieving the 1%. And, I have a mission at this time in my life to share that with as many as I can.

      I asked over 5000 people the same question: What drives you? Why do you wake up in the morning and work soooo hard to change your life? they all said freedom. So, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that freedom is important to almost everyone… the freedom to choose what your life looks like and have the means to better shape your life experience into anything you want… we ALL want that.

      I have faults and flaws, imperfections and short-sightedness, I fail and fall… just like everyone else. I have the inability to see my own mistakes from time to time as we all do. I’m far from perfect and would never claim to be.

      Perhaps I’m missing your point.

      But, I don’t see freedom as an obsession… I see it as a worthwhile conversation and something I have a unique perspective to share… so, that’s my mission right now and I hope it brings value to as many people as possible.


  • Hey Gerry, I’m also known by most of my family and friends as Gerry (with a “G”). I’m from Jamaica and I stumbled upon a YouTube video where you are being interviewed by a young man in your home as “Ex business partner” of Tai Lopez. I listened to your insights regarding leverage and masterminds and I am grateful that in a previous YouTube video an ad came up with Tai promoting Knowledge Society. I followed that to the website, was about to sign up then I went back to YouTube to see reviews first and it led me to your interview which led me to getting your Instagram tag which led me to your website link which…well…here I am.

    I believe in life we get little hints that we are exactly where we need to be and in a desperate need to change my financial situation I stayed up all night into this morning, no sleep…trying to find something online that could help me and it led to me discovering another guy named Gerry, and that is my hint that I am where I should be.

    I just read this post and I want to tell you I’m really sorry for all that you have lost, but congratulations on the blessings that these losses made way for. I also want to congratulate and thank you for what you are doing to change lives.

    You seem so very humble and easygoing. I can see that this really means more than the money to you. You could’ve lived somewhere much more lavish and popular, like Dubai, or Hollywood, or somewhere in Europe but you chose somewhere organic, surrounded by natural beauty and serenity. This reminds me a lot of who I am – Gerry – someone who desires freedom not to live the high life but to be able to enjoy the beauty and peace that exists in the mornings, in the flowers, in the birds and the sound of the crashing waves, the sunset, the gentle winds flowing through the palm trees, the life of clean, fresh air and fresh, clear river water…and to help as many people as I can all over the world to be free and create wealth and happiness for themselves. Thank you for sharing this. I would love to be mentored by you. I am about US$1500 in debt, the rent is due in a couple days and while that may seem like nothing to some, it’s a nightmare to me because I’m 34 years old, without a job or the ability to take care of my family and I feel stuck. How can I make even $200 – $500 per day on command to get me to a place where I am above my situation and have greater power to decide what next? $200 a day would change my life because I already know the general direction in which I want to go. I just want to be able to clear the bills and be free to make my next decision with clarity and control, not desperation and compromise. I apologize for writing another blog as a comment but I just wanted you to get a clear picture of who I am and how we might be similar. I would love to hear from you.

  • Gerry- this was a very inspiring read. Keep doing what you are doing. I’m sure that it hasn’t always been easy, and sharing your personal stories / relationship challenges, reminds us that you are human too. Thanks for giving back so that one day you can help people like me – feel capable enough to give back too. All the best – MC

  • “How I could use my energy to exponentially increase my own sense of freedom by giving freedom to more and more people?” Wow what a wonderful question you asked yourself. Your story is truly inspiring. Thank you for taking us under your wing to give and teach the meaning of Ultimate Freedom.

  • Hi Gerry & Rob,

    It’s really amazing being here. Since I started an internet business, no one has me more convinced that I will make money with their system than you. Even when I knew I did not have the money, I told myself I must take your course because this is my time to have MY breakthrough in life.

    I honestly won’t say I am having it easy and I’m struggling to keep the ball rolling…

    But I am confident I’ll make it with a little bit of patience.


  • I am sure you have heard this time after time . I am ready for a change in my life . I work long hours as a sales manager at a local car dealership and miss everything with my wife and daughter. I will make a comment today that I will give it all that I got to make this change happen . I am a really good judge of people and you my friend are the real thing . God bless and take care

  • I’m happy to find a truly genuine human being helping others. I have list lot of my hard earned money of my job, 9-6 office hours and owe a lot of debt.
    I want to get mentoring from you, Gerry, and also want to join your program if Inspiring others shortly.