Come Join Millionaires in Bali for the Somewhere In Bali Motorcycle Mastermind!
A motorcycle ride inside a super volcano, through the jungles and over mountains, around the winding oceanside cliffs of Bali.

Come along on a journey of a lifetime alongside myself, Rob Jones and an amazing mix of millionaire marketers and social influencers… with evening time fireside masterminding in the most unique and tropical way possible… this is your chance.

Time is short. The “Somewhere In Bali Motorcycle Mastermind” is coming verrry soon… if you want to join us on a 3-day adventure, now is the time to book your plane tickets.

Who are we looking for?

  • Social Media Influencers
  • Successful Internet Marketers

Topics: Making money, traveling to exotic places, doing killer collab projects and more.

Cost: Free for the right applicants.

Here is what our video crew came up with from the footage we shot during our most recent adventure.

Contact me now if you are interested!

FB: @gerrycramer
IG: @gerrycramer
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If you’d like to see my interview with Mike Vestil talking all about masterminding with my ex-business partner Tai Lopez…

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  • Okay folks, I’m taking applications… if you want to join us for the 2nd “Somewhere in Bali Motorcycle Mastermind” we are looking specifically for Social Media (YouTube preferred) Influencers! If you have a happening channel on YouTube and want to come spend 3-4 nights high-tailing it across Bali with a bunch of awesome Influencers, riding by day, masterminding by night, this is your chance!

    Drop me a message here, OR hit me up (DM/PM style) on Facebook or Insta…



  • Hello Garry,

    Just saw you on youtube. Ill take take the “red pill”. What do i need to do to get on your program.
    Excited to hear from you. Thanks.

    Best regards,
    Kailash Yogi

  • I knew nothing about leveraging and doing it over and over. Very interesting, especially to understand how Tai and Gerry have done it. Forgive me if you don’t agree, but Tai seems to have become a little too driven with the popularity thing and material success, maybe even obsessed?
    I’m concerned about him.

  • I want to become the Fresh Prince of Bali. Unfortunately, I’m still a newbie. Perhaps Season 2