Come join us for a 2nd Season in Ubud, Bali... Rise Campus is about to get an overhaul and you're invited!

Rise Campus Under DevelopmentHere (to the left) is Rise Campus when we discovered it…. under construction… just a shell of a place 12-minutes north of Ubud, Bali.

Red X on the ground there marks the exact spot where our infamous Pattern Interrupt Lion would later perch.

The colorful Lion, of course, is the embodiment of the pattern interrupt, one of the key tools we teach our students in Rise Academy that helps many of them earn $1000’s per day running simple little Facebook ads to promote affiliate offers.

In the main vlog video above you can see what it looks like now… just a few months later after we hired the most talented interior designer in Bali to create an amazing space to call home for a year…

Exactly 1-year ago this week we launched Rise Campus, a luxury villa in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia with a very special back story (watch it now below).

Millionaire entrepreneurs don’t really need my money and they definitely aren’t going to come work for me.


Wrong… here’s how I did it… First, I offered them something better than money… a life experience. I offered to fly them on an all expenses paid 60-day trip to Bali. I chauffeured them from the Bali Airport to Rise Campus, an amazing luxury villa with a full-time staff including a private chef, personal masseuse, butler & chauffer …

I offered to share with them a glimpse of ultimate freedom.

And, keep in mind, just because you have money doesn’t mean you know how to use it to create an ultimate freedom experience. Many millionaires just buy a bigger house, nicer car and fly 1st class on planes but never really discover what the ultimate lifestyle really looks like.

Rise Campus isn’t just a place where I share how to earn as much as $20,000 per day running online ads (mostly simple little Facebook ads promoting affiliate offers)…

It’s also an experience in one of the most amazing spots on the planet.

So, I bring my student here… teach them how to send a flood of web traffic to any offer they choose and hopefully by the time they leave 60-days later they walk away with a skillset capable of helping them earn 10’s of $1000’s daily for the rest of their careers.

In exchange, they must agree to spend half of each day for 60-days helping bring value to my business and my students. (Notice how I never refer to someone’s experience as a JOB or imply that they will be “working for me”…)

Instead, I frame the experience as an opportunity to help share their amazing talents and skills with the Ultimate Freedom community! That’s a much easier pill to swallow, don’t you think? No entrepreneur wants to think of this as a job… or that they are “working for” someone else.

It’s simply a reciprocal exchange of value.

When I first shared this rather controversial, creative idea with my audience, I received over 200 long, well-written applications in the first day!

People shared their life stories with me explaining in great detail why they felt they were the perfect person to deserve the opportunity to stay at Rise Campus!

So, we brought our first students over the first month we opened the doors.

We had a grand opening party with fire dancers, beautiful women dancing throughout the rice fields… we even had enough fireworks to make it look like Mt. Agung was errupting… and, it really showcased how killer of a place Rise Campus really is (watch the video below).

The first guest was a smashing success from the beginning…

We’ve had tons of guests and many exciting times here at Rise Campus and proved that the concept works!

But, it’s been a year. And, Rise Campus (Rice Campus: Phase 1) was never intended to be a permanent location. It was a testing ground to see if we could prove that Rise Campus was a worthwhile endeavor.

Now that we know it is a worthwhile thing, we are setting out on a mission to try and find an even better spot (out of the rice fields this time) to kick off our 2nd season!

This week we are packing! Well, our staff is while I’m here in Chiang Mai speaking on stage at a big cryptocurrency conference!

Here’s how Rise Campus looks today!

As soon as I fly back into Bali on April 23rd, I will be asking my student Mike Vestil to join me for in a massive hunt for the most amazing villa to replace the current Rise Campus location!

Now, I’d like to invite you on a journey with us as we search for, discover and finally move into a new place to call home to Rise Campus students and participants for the next season!

Are you ready to join in on the hunt and help us choose the perfect location?

Here is how it will work… Over the next days or weeks, we will be taking you on a ride alongside us as we find the perfect place to place Mr. Lion!

Here is a photo of the first place we will be touring in a couple days when I arrive back to Bali!

It looks awesome! But, I need to see it in person first. This could take awhile because I’m going to be super picky to make sure I find just the right place.

Check in daily for updates! The choice is yours! You get to help us decide which place we pick! We want the most awesome place to kick off Season 2 of Rise Campus!

Then, we can start inviting more students back to Bali!

Talk soon!

P.S. – Take a look back (watch the show below) at some of the amazing guests we’ve had in Season 1! I threw this together just now on my Macbook Photos app as I’m not a video editor myself and it’s Saturday and my video team is off… so, forgive how lame it looks 😀

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  • I’ve been looking through a bunch of things and I can’t find how to get directly to a website that will allow me to look into and possibly pay for the Rise Academy courses. Where can I go??