The Ultimate Freedom Experience [Podcast] Season 1: Thailand, Episode 003. Join Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones as we travel the world experiencing financial freedom and getting into as much trouble as we can along the way!

Are Humans Evolving Into Sociopaths?

As promised here is episode 003 of The Ultimate Freedom Experience Podcast. Join us as we discuss Sociopathy and Psychopathy… together these make up one of our absolute favorite topics of all time!

Title: Are Humans Evolving Into Sociopaths?

Today’s Topic: Sociopaths & Psychopaths

Sociopaths don’t feel emotions the way normal people do. And, yet they make up some of the richest and most powerful people in the World!

That begs the question… Are feelings for the weak? Do emotions and failure go hand-in-hand?

Sociopaths and Psychopaths don’t feel fear and anxiety in stressful situations. Emotions do not dictate their decisions in business.

Yet, they tend to be over-achievers in business and politics purportedly holding many of the top CEO positions in Fortune 500 companies and top positions in political office.

Is Sociopathy something normal people can hack into? Can we PLUG INTO unemotional mental states to improve our business success?

Or, would attempting to do so step us, as a society, in a direction of poor mental health?

This is the 3rd of many episodes to come!

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  • Newbie , however Your fellow freedom fighter,

    Mike V.
    Ready to go just stop bye my place and I’ll be ready to go , There
    My Son Father is a sociopath , and I am sure many of you have one in your family , sad

  • I feel that in business you do need to have some emotion to relate to others, and if you are in touch with your emotions, are you not then in touch with your intuition? for head and heart to be in alignment.

  • Donald Trump has financially supported many people without asking for credit. Is it possible for a man to take on the deep state who hates him and the mentally ill democrats, all without pay, to be a man without heart? So sad that you know so little about the constitution or about Donald Trump. So sad that you have a spotlight to communicate your ignorance on what it takes to create a free society. Try gathering all facts on any one topic before you try to spread your message, the communicate some facts. How would you like it if I believed you were a sociopath with no facts to back it up?

  • great content i like the part were you correlate relationships and emotional states as well as the part about the shrooms definitely a perspective changer for me too

  • seems difficult, from your comments, to tell the difference and which is worse. i was always under the impression a psychopath was worse because they had no remorse when they killed and did not try to hide. whereas, a sociopath will hide. i’d like to know your sources because what you say is very interesting. fantastic

  • 7/17/2018 post trumps putin summit, post his twitters…you’re scaring my wife and now she is bugging me

  • Yes people know when they’re psychopaths or sociopaths. Many top politicians, top bankers & top people in religion and some company & organisations CEO’s are. Watch Ronald Bernard Explain he was one and a big wig insider in the Banking industry. I hope it helps 😉